Your Life!

4 Week Stock Option Trading Course! "Take Back Your Time"  

Duration: 4 weeks

Time 8PM to 11:00 PM EST

Location: Via Zoom Webinar (All Classes Are Recorded, You Will Have Unlimited Access To Class Recordings)

High Level Course Overview:

Week 1: Foundations of Stock Option Trading | Live Trading + Q&A
Week 2: Supply and Demand | Live Trading + Q&A
Week 3: Box Strategy and Trading View | Live Trading + Q&A
Week 4: Market Structure | Live Trading + Q&A
And Much MORE!

After 4 Week Course, you will gain access to our discord which includes the following:

1. Ongoing Training 
2. Weekly Webinars
3. Q &A 
4. Live News Updates 
5. Chatroom Conversations  

Interview with Jt Hustlez

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